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Car Dealership Marketing Video

This car dealership marketing video was part a series for Toomey Motor Village who wanted to use video marketing to help create separation between them and their competitors

Our solution was:

  • To use a motoring celebrity to present
  • Provide value and education to the viewer


“Tiff Needell was a perfect brand ambassador for Toomey. I couldn’t be happier with the videos you produced ”

Paul Daft, Executive Director, Toomey Motor Group

Additional Videos

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The Brief

As the largest car dealership in Essex, the client wanted to use video marketing to help attract customers as well as to help create separation between them and their competitors.

The script is the the most important part of any marketing video, but to help give our client the edge we suggested securing a known personality within the motoring industry to present their videos.

Even though Jeremy Clarkson and his co-presenters are the best known motoring personalities, when we took a deeper look and considered what associations they would bring (crashing cars, destroying property being a loose canon), it became apparent that they wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

We needed someone with credibility, a likeable personality, but also someone who exuded the qualities which Toomey offer as a family business.

After further consideration, Tiff Needell was ultimately the perfect choice because he embodies, trust, straight talking, authority, sincerity and likability.

Toomey instantly shared the opinion that he was indeed the ideal choice.

As well as a main marketing video to be used on their website and on paid social advertising, we filmed as series of additional videos to be used on their website and to help the overall customer experience.

Additional videos included:

  • Summer Check
  • Winter Check
  • Safeguard Policy Information
  • Reserve Your Car call-to-action
  • Reserve Your car (confirmed)
  • Service Plan
  • Electric Vehicle Range
  • MOT & Puncture Repair
  • Bodyshop Service

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How It Was Made

Filming took place across two incredibly long consecutive days.

Here is a behind the scenes video for how we made the video series.

Production Photos