Crowdfunding Video – ASTF

This crowdfunding video for ASTF was for an equity based fund raise which ultimately massively exceeded the funding target.

  • Target: £250,000
  • Raised: £441,900


“We set out to raise £250,000 with our crowdfunding video, but with your help and guidance we raised an incredible £441,900 instead.”

David Hathiramani, CEO, ASTF

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ASTF Main Video

Because ASTF was already trading and had been for 10 years we took the opportunity to film a new promotional video for their website at the same time.

The Brief

ASTF wanted to raise £250,000 through equity based crowdfunding.

As a hybrid online tailor, they offer in person consultations, measurements and fitting sessions, with measurements then stored online and garments produced in Nepal.

Their pitch is to offer Saville Row suits at high street prices.

In all, they have an incredibly strong concept and a proven business model. Never the less, to ensure success with the crowdfunding campaign we needed to produce a video which would explain and leverage their key benefit points and points of difference.

Because their offering to potential investors was very detailed the video needed to take the form of a ‘sizzle reel’, where having watched it the viewer should be fully primed and motivated to want to learn more.

To make that happen we structured the video as follows:

  1. Capture interest and develop intrigue
  2. Connect with the viewer on a personal level (how clothes from shops fit anything other than perfectly)
  3. Introduce and offer the solution to the problem (custom fitted clothing)
  4. Introduce a further problem / pain point (Saville Row tailored clothing starting from £2,500+)
  5. Re-introduce and further explain the solution
  6. Include further bonus points of the solution
  7. Subtle flattery and further desire build
  8. Introduce low barrier to entry starting point
  9. Call to action (CTA)

How It Was Made

We arranged to carry out the main day of filming on the same day as ASTF stills photoshoot.

This meant we had some excellent B-Roll footage to edit into the video as well as making great use of Made In Chelsea star and model, Matt Draper.

Production Photos