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James Rostance - Sell Without Selling

Sell Without Selling : How To Out-Market Your Competitors and Attract Loyal Clients At Scale Through Social Media

Author: James Rostance

ISBN: 978-0956435477
RRP £13.99

It’s a fact that many B2B companies fail to use social media effectively.

This is because they continually post promotional content that delivers no value to their target audience. Audiences need to be entertained or receive value.

Without an effective strategy for using social media to help drive sales, your company is in an extremely vulnerable position.

This book contains a comprehensive strategy that is easy to implement and is entirely focused on helping you win new clients.

Its purpose is to give your company or organisation clear separation from your competitors and ultimately position you as the buyer’s ideal choice.

The techniques described herein are designed for online use but work just as well when applied offline.

Ultimately, this system is designed to turn target customers into prospects who clearly appreciate why your company can help them better than anyone else can.

Furthermore, it will leave you with the ideal type of client…

Someone who is not fixated on price and only wants to do business with you. This is because they understand in detail the full extent of the value that your product or service offers.

If you implement this, your B2B marketing will enable you to dominate your sector, and your competitors won’t even realise it until it’s too late.

The book is available through Amazon, Blackwell, Waterstones and all good book retailers.

James Rostance - Executive's Guide To Successfully Commissioning Video Productions - Book Cover

The Executive’s Guide To Successfully Commissioning Video Productions

Author: James Rostance

ISBN: 978-0-9564354-2-2
RRP £12.99

As a company executive, you do not need to know all the ins and outs of how to make a video from a technical and creative point of view.

However, having a thorough understanding of the overall process of video production is invaluable.

This book will help you take control by providing enough, easily digestible information to give you a detailed understanding of video production processes. You will be able to make educated production decisions, give considered direction and provide your input along every step of the way.

At the executive level, a solid grasp of the video production process enables you to ensure the overall smooth running and timely delivery of a successful video project for which you are ultimately responsible.

  • Understand the production process
  • Choose the right provider for your needs
  • How to make key production decisions
  • Secrets of successful and timely project delivery
James Rostance - Exhibition & Tradeshow Blueprint Book Cover

Exhibition and Tradeshow Blueprint – The definitive guide on how to exhibit successfully and make a profit

Author: James Rostance

ISBN: 978-0-9564354-1-5
RRP £12.99

This is not a book diluted with content on conferences. It is a book for business owners, executives, as well as sales and marketing professionals who have a responsibility to deliver a strong return on their company’s investment in exhibiting at a trade show.

Regardless of whether your background is administrative, or marketing or sales based, this book will empower you and your company to make as many sales as possible both during and after a show.

  • How to attract the right sort of stand visitors (and avoid time wasters)
  • Secrets to consistent, high-value interactions that lead to sales
  • The exhibition profits ‘Holy Grail’
  • Stand management strategies for winners
  • Disaster avoidance and expert pre-show planning
  • How to double the number of qualified visitors to your stand
  • How to get the event ‘s press to feature YOUR company
  • Effective show specials that do not affect your profit margins
  • Prudent exhibition cost-saving
  • How YOU can eclipse your competition at a show
  • Attention grabbing ?hooks? to get the undivided attention of passers-by
  • The importance of exhibition and trade show visitor profiling
  • How to win extra sales by avoiding the biggest complaint of exhibition visitors
  • A better alternative to the most common, flawed exhibition practice
  • Secrets for a successful demonstration
  • How to ensure show visitors are eager to see you again after the show
  • Highly effective strategies to protect your exhibit and staff from time-vampires and time wasters
  • Exhibition espionage
  • The secret to effortless sales conversions after a show
  • How to win sales that your competition leave on the table
  • The inner circle profit opportunity at trade shows and exhibitions
James Rostance - Insider's Guide To Exhibition Success - Book Cover

The Insider’s Guide To Exhibition Success

Author: James Rostance

ISBN: 978-0-9564354-0-8
RRP £18.99

If you are preparing for an exhibition and would like to:

  • Gain a much higher number of qualified leads from ideal prospects
  • Dramatically increase your team’s ability to close deals
  • Learn insider secrets and tips about how to make direct sales at an exhibition

This book will show you:

  • How you can turbo-charge the number of prospects you will see
  • Proven strategies to successfully open and qualify prospects
  • An essentially zero-cost way in which you can ‘steal’ attention at a show and boost enquiries for your company
  • The Blue-Print formula for success in getting free editorial coverage in your Trade Publications
  • ‘Show Specials’ that don’t affect your bottom-line
  • The real story behind how to successfully ‘Data-Capture’
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes commonly made by exhibitors and which annoy and alienate prospects
  • How to cut your post-show sales-making workload by as much as 70%

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