Solicitor Marketing Videos


Pryers Solicitors wanted to individually market each of their five main areas of specialism. We prescribed the following concept:

  • A series of client education videos
  • Informative & valuable to a viewer
  • Wholly targeted to each practice sector

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People use social media to be entertained and learn.

We set out to create a series of videos that offered value through educating someone with a problem which Pryers are able to help with.


Working with the client, we helped develop individual scripts which engaged with the viewer about specific problems.

Each script then goes on to explain in more detail about their situation, how they would qualify for being able to make a claim as well as what options they have to move forward.

Every video ultimately finishes with a subtle but clear call to action.


We decided to hire a professional television news presenter because of their skill in talking one on one to the viewer with credibility and authority.

Because we wanted a warm and decidedly approachable feel to the videos it was then clear that we needed a female news presenter.

Our ultimate choice was very talented and highly professional ITV & BBC News presenter, Vanessa Cuddeford.


We filmed all videos on a single day in our green screen studio.

The scripts were prepared and agreed in advance, which allowed us to focus on the presenter’s delivery on the day.

As is customary for news presenters and a lot of TV shows, we provided the presenter with a teleprompter to read script from.

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Stylistically it’s purposefully clean and focuses the viewer’s attention on what the presenter has to say.

As you can see, the overall look of the video stands apart from most other videos online because it’s not busy and screaming for your attention.

This ultimately reflects incredibly well on the firm as it communicates professionalism and style all at the same time.

Video 2:
Dental Claims

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