Crowdfunding Video – Cronovo

This crowdfunding video for Cronovo was so successful it raised nearly five times more than the client was hoping to.

  • Target: £25,000
  • Raised: £122,091
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“I can’t believe the level of help and support you gave us, we know it would be good but you went far above that. I can’t thank you enough.”

Darin Philip, Director, Cronovo Inc

Media Coverage

Because of our specialism in marketing videos, Sky News asked to do a feature on us whilst we were filming this project.

This was part of the lead story of the night of the on Sky News at 7.

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The Brief

Cronovo is a smart watch for the fitness market with a huge range of functionality not found in existing smart watches, as well as an EKG heart rate meter.

Our client wanted to execute a crowd funding campaign to take their prototype into full production.

During our consultation it became clear to us that the watch with its detailed heart rate monitoring tied in with its GPS positioning, SMS and email notification capabilities had a potentially huge, additional market potential.

The watch was able to tell in advance if the wearer’s vital signs were dropping, a key indicator of an impending heart attack. We advised the client that the ability to notify a GP and family that urgent attention was potentially huge.

Not only would they get an invaluable 30 minutes advance notice, but the watch would also precisely locate where the wearer was at the given moment and provide live tracking from that point on.

Following this revelation and then acting upon it, the client is currently in talks with a major national healthcare provider to provide large quantities of the product.

Given the fast pace at which consumer electronics move, this was why the whole project had to be delivered ASAP.

Taking care of scripting, actor and location sourcing, as well as filming we turned around the entire project in just 4 weeks.

As another added bonus Sky News came to film us filming the crowdfunding video as part of a lead story on the UK’s economy growth.

Ultimately, the project was a run away success and raised significantly more than the client was aiming for.

  • Target: £25,000
  • Raised: £122,091

How It Was Made

Filming at three locations across two days here is a look at how it was made.

Because the actress we’d booked fell ill at the last second, Anna our make up artist stepped in to replace her.

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Production Photos