Solicitor Marketing Video (series)

This solicitor marketing video is part of a series for Pryers Solicitors to attract new clients.

We prescribed an approach of using video to:

  • Educate prospective clients about their situation
  • Provide additional value and guidance


“Thank you for such a high quality end product, you met our brief precisely. Delivery was also a lot quicker than we were expecting”

Ian Pryer, Senior Partner, Pryers

Additional Videos

The Brief

Solicitor marketing is quite different to marketing for regular companies because reputation and perception are always at the forefront of any strategy to be considered.

Pryers wanted to look into alternative ways in which they could attract clients, they had identified video as being the tool with which to do that, it just was not clear how to do it.

A core tenant of marketing is that if you can help a prospective client with their problem at the earliest stage possible, then you stand to be first in line for when they decide to take action in procuring the service you provide.

The approach we prescribed was to produce a series of videos, one for each of Pryers’ core business areas.

Each video would provide solid insight, education and value to the viewer in relation to the problem they were looking to solve.

The five areas of specialism we produced videos for were:

  • Medical Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Dental Negligence
  • Professional Negligence
  • Delayed Diagnosis

For presentation we suggested using a professional television presenter who would be a representative of the company, but being clear not to portray as a member of the firm.

After much deliberation we eventually decided on ITV News presenter, Vanessa Cuddeford.

Her warm and professional nature was a perfect fit for delivering serious content, from someone who viewers regard as being a very likely person.

How It Was Made

Filmed entirely in our green screen studio, we were able to film all 5 videos in a single day.

Production Photos