Exhibition Marketing Video

This exhibition marketing video helped Prysm Group attract exhibitors to their Farm Business event and was their key marketing tool in doing so.

  • A comparatively small event made to look much larger
  • Compelling client testimonial clips


“The farming community are very skeptical of anything ‘salesy’, I’m glad you were able to get such strong endorsements that were both honest and credible”

Hasan Allan, Event Director, Prysm Group

The Brief

Farm Business is a yearly trade show for the farming community. We were needed to produce an exhibition marketing video which sold the event to potential exhibitors as a logical and clearly desirable channel for acquiring new customers.

The challenge however, was that we were advised of the skepticism farmers have towards any form of marketing which has notable hype to it.

Taking this into account, we purposefully structured questions for exhibitors so that they would elicit answers which would cover the benefit points of the show that we wanted them to, yet in a way that would not come across as strong sales pitch.

With pre-production work taken care of in advance, filming of the event was done in a single day.

If key industry figures who were speaking at the event at specific times needed to be included then a second cameraman would have been allocated to the job.

An exhibition marketing video is the primary marketing tool for any exhibition organiser in the present day, which is why it needs to highly effective in its specified application.

Alternative Version

We also produced a separate marketing video targeted at exhibition visitors. This was done by asking visitors an entirely different set of questions, yet re-using the same B-Roll.

This was an incredibly efficient use of time and resources and provided significant extra value to the client.