Farming TV Commercial

This farming TV commercial for Crystalyx was for broadcast on S4C (Channel 4 Wales) during the very important pre-lambing farming season.

  • Direct response script writing
  • English & Welsh versions


“I’m really happy and the flexibilty with the service was excellent. Everything that was promised has been delivered. ”

Graeme Warnock, Marketing Manager, Calltech Crystalyx

Welsh Version

As it was for broadcast on S4C (Channel 4 Wales), the client needed versions in both English and Welsh.

WOW Video Production CEO, James Rostance learned to speak Welsh fluently at school and this was the first time in 27 years that he was able to put it to good use.

The Brief

The client wanted a TV commercial to air on commercial television during their most important marketing period of the year, the months on the run up to lambing season in March.

Crystalyx is a nutritional supplement for sheep and it was the first product of its kind.

However, in recent years there have been many competitor versions appear on the market which are commonly cheaper and larger by volume.

In a standard marketing video you have to be concise and benefit driven, in a 40″ second TV commercial you really have to be concise whilst making a compelling case for your product.

As is standard practice for us with all clients, we set about conducting a throughly detailed consultation with the product marketing manager to become fully familiar with the product, the marketplace, its strengths and their competitors weaknesses.

At first sight, the fact that competitor versions were cheaper and larger by volume (seemingly offering even more value), what we uncovered was a mountain of pure gold in terms of marketing leverage.

The key factors which we uncovered that Crystalyx had over and above competitor versions was that:

  • It is the only one on the market with it’s efficacy verified by universities and research institutes
  • The product is purposefully made with less water, thereby creating a more condensed product
  • It has more vitamins and a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals by content
  • Farmers will commonly try competitor versions but will return the following year because of poorer results
  • They had an existing endorsement deal with the pre-eminent celebrity farmer, Gareth Wynn Jones

After carefully working on and then producing the script for the client, the end result was a script which:

  • Skilfully unsold competitor versions
  • Removed the price objection
  • Built value
  • Leveraged fear of loss
  • Leveraged social proof

Social Media Videos

Using the information gleaned in our client consultation we structured questions for Gareth for him to make the extended case as to why Crystalyx is not only the right choice, but also a prudent investment – all in his own words.

With the TV commercial designed as a Top of Funnel piece of marketing, these much more detailed videos have proven incredibly effective at increasing website visitor stick rates and contributed to an 11% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

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How It Was Made

We have now produced two commercials for the client as they were suitably impressed with the first.

Here is the Behind The Scenes video for the first.

Production Photos

Client Video Testimonial

Markeing Manager Graeme Warnock shared his thoughts on the service he received in producing their TV commercial.