Script Writing

The script is the single most important element of marketing video.

That’s because it is the key as to whether the viewer ultimately takes the desired action you want them to.

To get a viewer to take a desired course of action you have to employ a very specific form of script writing, it’s called Direct Response.

Direct response script writing employs a host of sales psychology, influence and persuasion techniques.

The difference between having a direct response video script versus a regular one is comparable to who you would choose to send into an important pitch meeting:

  • Your highest performing sales professional
  • Your front desk receptionist

Both will represent your company well, however only one will have the all important necessary skills to close the deal and win the customer.

Video production companies rarely talk about this, simply because they do not have the relevant skills in house.

By comparison, we do, and every production is 100% focused on delivering the results or outcome you desire.

Social Advertising

To get your video in front of the people you want, we can create and manage social advertising campaigns using:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Pintrest
  • Snapchat

In addition to setting up and managing those initial campaigns we can also take care of the most exciting and powerful element of online advertising: Retargeting.

Retargeted social advertising allows you to:

  • Advertise to prospects who have watched your advert or visited your website
  • Provide repeat ‘touch points’, essential in converting prospects into customers
  • Do so at a fraction of the price than wider / top of funnel marketing activity

UK & International Filming

With 54 camera crews across the UK we use the nearest crew to whereever you need filming to take place.

By avoiding having to pay for crew travel and accommodation costs your budget can go much further, and you pay less as a result.

We also offer international filming at a fraction of the cost of our competitors because we are a part of a global film network which removes the need to pay for international travel.

Should your video require international filming, all production and editing work is done here in the UK.

We arrange international filming through the network with our partner in the appropriate country or city.

They closely follow our brief for what is required both technically and creatively, film what is required, and then send the footage back to us on a hard drive via FedEx.

This approach is both quicker, as well as being responsible for saving clients thousands of pounds through avoiding international travel and accommodation costs.

Great To Work With

As marketing professionals ourselves, we speak your language, and we’re also 100% focused on delivering the results you want and need.

All of the crew love what we do and when it comes to looking back on having worked with us, you will regard it as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding projects you’ve worked on.

Sometimes, events and situations during the course of a project arise that can set to cause major problems.

If and when that happens, that’s when the value of working with a team who are committed as you are to doing what ever it takes to make things happen really shines through.

Other more subtle elements such as an easy to use online project management system, telephone calls answered in person within the first five rings, and highly detailed project proposals all contribute to an all round, excellent customer experience.