James Rostance - Marketing


B2B Video Marketing & Client Attraction

James specialises in producing video marketing campaigns for B2B businesses to out-market their competitors and attract loyal clients at scale through social media.

He is the creator of the process known as expert Expert Value Marketing®,  the process used by marketers to market B2B through social media.

The technique is popular in today’s market because it:

  • Is able to to cut through noise on social media and connect with customers
  • Position an individual or business as the true expert in their field or niche
  • Deliver highly detailed and often complex technical or practical education concerning a product or service
  • Be effective in highlighting weaknesses or cause for concern in a competitor’s product or service
  • Reliably position a client’s business as the ideal choice for the customer’s problem or need
  • Build further value in a client’s offering so they may have highly loyal clients who have no desire to seek another vendor because they understand in detail the value, reassurance and protection which they receive

His new book which is due out in February 2020, Sell Without Selling, provides a detailed explanation of the Expert Value Marketing system along with the correct approach for implementation.

As an accomplished broadcast television producer, James has a unique advantage when it comes to successfully utilising video to meet the ultimate goal of acquiring and retaining clients, for clients.

James Rostance - Marketing - Sell Without Selling

Industry Peers & Foundations

He has worked with and learned from some of the greatest living direct response marketers and copywriters in the world, including:

  • Drayton Bird
  • Andy Maslen
  • Russell Brunson
  • Dan Kennedy
  • John Carlton
  • Jeff Walker
  • Seth Godin

The art of copywriting underpins any successful campaign and in addition to the above, James has extensively studied the godfathers of copywriting:

  • Robert Collier
  • Eugene Schwartz
  • Claude Hoplins
  • David Ogilvy
  • Victor Schwab
  • John Caples
  • Maxwell Sackheim
  • Gary Halbert

Psychology, persuasion, the science of influence and sales skills are further areas in which James holds great interest and has gone to great lengths to study. Key figures from these fields that James has read and been influenced by include:

  • Robert Cialdini
  • Jordan Belfort
  • Grant Cardone
  • Richard Bandler
  • Brian Tracy
  • Oren Klaff
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Zig Ziglar
Drayton Bird
Andy Maslen